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Corrugated Packaging

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History of Corrugated Packagingcorrugated packaging roll

The history of the corrugated packaging industry is varied and interesting.  The first time pulp was extracted from wood for manufacturing was in England around 1854.  By 1856 someone had patented its use in the lining of tall hats worn by Victorian Englishmen. It wasnít long before someone thought to use corrugated to package goods.

About 15 years later, unlined corrugate was used to pack the glass for kerosene lamps and chimneys.  In 1874, a liner was added to one side to help the corrugated packaging material from losing its shape.

It took another 20 years for the first corrugated packaging box to be made.  Wells Fargo was the first to slot and cut corrugated boxes for small freight shipments.  In 1903, corrugated packaging got its first official stamp of approval as a valid shipping material.  It was used to package cereal. In 1909, printing was introduced to the process of corrugated packaging.  Back then, letters were typeset and inks were oil based.  In the mid-fifties, Flexo printing was introduced and a conversion was made to more environmentally friendly water-based inks.

Today corrugated packaging is still a cost effective, sound and environmentally friendly way to send goods from one place to another.  More and more recycled fibres are making their way into corrugated packaging today as the industry continually tries to improve its impact on the environment.

Mid West Packaging Limited is a Winnipeg based company that makes corrugated packaging boxes.  It was founded by Al Daley, in his final of many moves in the corrugated packaging industry.  Al Daley had many years of experience in the custom corrugated packaging business.  He worked for E.B. Eddy company in Ottawa, Consolidated Bathurst Packaging in Ontario and Quebec and the Fraser company in New Brunswick.  In 1984, Al Daley felt the needs of corrugated packaging customers in Winnipeg were not being well met.  Mid West Packaging became a reality and has been a fixture in St. Boniface Industrial park ever since.

Within weeks, customers were getting their custom corrugated packaging boxes in record time.  Mid West Packaging is not only known for its exceptional service but also for the quality of its corrugated packaging products.  In the last few years, Mid West Packaging Limited has created a niche in corrugated packaging design with a state-of-the-art lab, litho laminator, and sample table to meet any custom corrugated packaging requirements Ö from plain brown boxes, to unique retail designs, to pallet displays.  Mid West Packaging limited is the only corrugated packaging box company in central Canada with all of these abilities under one roof.  Mid West Packaging Limited is a family owned business with several family members involved in the custom corrugated packaging enterprise.  Many of its staff have been with the corrugated packaging company since its inception.

For anyone wondering what kind of corrugated packaging Mid West Packaging produces, here are a few examples:  regular slotted cartons, or RSCís Ė half slotted cartons, cut out wraps, telescoping top and bottom corrugated boxes, as well as die cut corrugated packaging.

Mid West Packaging Limited has the ability to produce flexo printing on b, c and e flute custom corrugated packaging in either kraft or oyster substrates.  Mid West packaging Limited also litho laminates labels to corrugated packaging surfaces and produces many unique corrugated packaging designs such as custom free standing or counter displays, signage or header cards and pallet skirts.  Mid West Packaging limited also has the ability to help customers find the most efficient means of palletizing their corrugated packaging boxes.  Itís a tool that many customers find useful in their search for cost-efficient custom corrugated packaging solutions.

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